What is the impact of virtual worlds on civic engagement? MIT researchers will study


Brad Seawell of the MIT Communications Forum writes to note that a free public forum on Thurs., Sept. 20 launches a new center studying the relationship between emerging media and civic engagement. A key area of inquiry is how virtual worlds such as SecondLife affect civic engagement in the real world.
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The new issue of the Journal of Media Literacy has a couple of articles that explore the implications for virtual communities like Second Life.
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As a casual player in Second Life, Bill -

I see some promise and some peril there.

I hope that any SL-focused event will consider both.

Thanks for posting this!


I'm currently enrolled in a course at Emerson College titled Hub2. The event at MIT is very relevant to our discussion of using Second Life as a potential tool for civic engagement. I've also posted this event announcement to our online course forum, so thanks for passing along this information.