Teachers invited to Oct. 23-25 "Rebooting the News" summit in Philadelphia

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AN INVITATION . . . to affirm the role of news in the classroom

The Media Giraffe Project at UMass Amherst, the Media Education Laboratory at Temple University and other collaborators invite you to to Philadelphia for some or all of Oct. 23-25 for a short, strategic convening of journalists, teachers, educational administrators, public policy researchers and engaged citizens. The topic: News literacy.

"Come for just the day on Saturday if you can't get away from your weekly schedule," says Bill Densmore, of the Media Giraffe Project, an event co-organizer. "Think of this as an ad-hoc constitutional convention on an aspect of media education -- in the shadow of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Forget about panels and audience. Surrounded by some introductory background briefings, we'll roll up our sleeves with circle-round agenda sessions, ad-hoc breakouts and stories about specific projects and approaches."

* Share classroom and newsroom experiences that are working.

* Learn how to promote active, reflective and critical participation in news/current events.

* Create fertile ground for discussion among journalists and teachers feeding into major 2009 news-literacy initiatives.

* Formulate specific advice to the U.S. presidential candidates on American civic education for the new century.

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