Bob helps form new ACME chapter.

Hi ACMEites,

I recently led eight ACME events in the Denver/Golden/Boulder area. If you live in Colorado, this email is for you.

One of the main purposes of my trip was to start a Colorado chapter of the Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME), and almost a hundred Coloradans have signed up as recognizing the need for independent media education in CO.

The first organizational meeting of the CO ACME chapter will be held in Boulder the evening of May 14th. Contact Henry Kroll , ACME Vice-President for the Rocky Mountain Region, for time and directions. Please note that you do not have to attend the meeting to join the chapter. If your membership is current, you will already be a member.

ACME is the only national media education organization which refuses to take money from Big Media and maintains a code of ethics and disclosure policies for its national board.

Most media education/media literacy curricula are created with Big Media/Big Corporate money, reflect that bias and, frequently, are worthless.

We are changing that.

If you are interested, but cannot attend, shoot an email to Henry or me. We plan to hold ACME events at a wide variety of venues in Colorado.

ACME dues are $50/year of which $25 will be returned to the CO chapter. ACME is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your membership is deductible. Also, it only takes five members to start a local chapter.

With your help we can aid our democracy and the health of our nation.

Bob McCannon

"The unanswered question is not as harmful as the unquestioned answer." -- Randall Germain

Media Educator of the Year -- American Academy of Pediatrics, Boston, October, 2008

Co-President: The Action Coalition for Media Education,

Author, "Media Literacy/Media Education Review" Children Adolescents and Media, 2nd edition, college text, 2008

Presenter, Media Educator, Consultant, (505) 839-9702