Curriculum Review - Media Construction of War

Media Construction of War: A Critical Reading of History
Format: CD Rom/Video/Teacher Curricula & Handouts
Intended Audience: K-12
Cost: $89.95

Standard #1

YES The major Funding for this piece is Ithaca College and the Park School of Communications.

Standard #2

YES Looking at the covers and insides of NEWSWEEK, the curricula does not include any product placement; rather, the images that are manipulated are the actual photos of real people and efforts of several wars.

Standard #3

YES Within this curricula, lots of background information is given. In addition, questions pertaining to each slide give students opportunity to critically analyze each one. In studying all of the slides, students are able to discuss each war and then to compare the three wars presented in this curricula. Furthermore, a list of resources is offered for teachers to put even more information out there for students.

Standard #4

YES Access, analysis, evaluation, reflection are all ways to investigate and study the media using this curricula.

Standard #5

YES This curricula facilitates hands-on experiences. By looking at images, students are encouraged to think and then to take these ideas further – discussing them further and developing ideas of how this happens. Exams and essays are presented to students so instructors may evaluate the students.

Standard #6

YES Students need to understand “history” which is presented in this curricula; from here, they are able to look at the media and then compare the “real” history with the “media” history reported to people in the world.

Standard #7

YES By using a nationally known magazine, the curricula demonstrates a target market already. Knowing the wide demographics of Newsweek readers, Project Look Sharp is able to deeply analyze the material presented to the masses. In addition, explanations of image are given; therefore, the critical taking apart of images and the development of ideas about what these images “say” is definitely examined in the curricula. What it is and how it works. Key point. WELL DONE.

Standard #8

YES The proposed curricula explores the images of war and all of its hidden meanings. This examination is important for people to understand in order to develop a better understanding of “hidden curricula” and hidden agendas of the wars in which our country “chooses” to participate. The financing of Newsweek is not discussed, but a further idea may be to find out who supports Newsweek – is it on the right or the left? How does this determine what, and how, the media shows a war?

Standard #9

YES By dissecting Newsweek, students are challenging Big Media and how it exploits and insults humans.


This curricula is super because it gives historical perspective, timelines and questions that help to explain the “feelings” of the times. The glossary, the explanations of certain situations and questions all fit together for a thorough curricula. Very good critical thinking questions.