How To Be A Media Activist

How To Be A Media Activist!
10 Actions You Can Take
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QUESTION! – All media you consume. (See ACME’s “Questioning Media” web resources.)

TEACH!– Model critical media awareness for family and friends.

WRITE!- Letters to the editor of your newspaper, letters to radio or television outlets, expressing your opinions about what they are doing well and what they are doing poorly.

SUPPORT! – Independent media with your time, energy, and financial resources.

VOLUNTEER! – Your time for a media outlet focused on the “public interest” – community cable TV, LPFM radio, etc.

SEEK OFFICE! – And make supporting media education, independent media, and democratic media reform a focus.

PRODUCE! – Your own media (poems, essays, photos, performance, video, music), and encourage others to do so.

ESTABLISH! – An independent media venue – coffee house, LPFM radio station, ‘zine – in your classroom or community.

HOST! – A regular forum on media issues – ACME’s “Reel Action” screenings, a lecture series, etc. – to educate the community about media-related issues.

AFFILIATE! – Join a media education/reform organization.