Action Coalition For Media Education - Podcast enPodcast with Drew Clark on the FCC, Media and Technology <p>Through my work as a Digital Media Producer for the <a href="">Berkman Center for Internet &amp; Society</a>, I was fortunate to be able to help produce a <a href="">podcast</a> (MP3) from today's luncheon series with <a href="">Drew Clark</a>, Project Manager for the <a href="">Center for Public Integrity</a>.</p> <p><a href="/colin_rhinesmith/09102007/podcast_drew_clark_fcc_media_and_technology/index.html">read more</a></p> EducationMedia ReformPodcastWed, 10 Oct 2007 01:24:28 +0000Colin Rhinesmith181 at http://www.acmecoalition.orgReclaim the Radio Airwaves! Low Power Legislation in the works... <p>From our ACME partner colleagues at Prometheus Radio Project -</p> <p>Local low-power community radio is one of the cornerstones of a vibrant and democratic 21st century media culture. We've started our own (legally licensed) station - WMRW at 95.1 fm - here in Vermont's Mad River Valley.</p> <p>But legislation expanding LPFM's reach and status is essential.</p> <p>Get involved, and support Prometheus! If you haven't yet met Hannah (a firecracker) and Pete Tridesh (the same) - make sure you look them up on the dial or at a media conference near you.</p> <p>Happy Monday,</p> <p>Rob</p> <p><a href="/rob_williams/27082007/reclaim_radio_airwaves_low_power_legislation_works/index.html">read more</a></p> MediaNews MediaPodcastMon, 27 Aug 2007 14:06:10 +0000Rob Williams147 at http://www.acmecoalition.orgACME Summit 2006 <p><center><br /> <h2>Facing the Media Crisis: Media Education for Reform, Justice and Democracy<br /> October 6-8, 2006<br /> Burlington, Vermont</h2> <p></center></p> <p><a href="/acme_summit_2006/index.html">read more</a></p> SummitAdvertising and BrandingCultural StudiesIndependent MediaMedia EducationMedia JusticeMedia ReformNews MediaPedagogyPodcastPublic HealthPublic RelationsYouth MediaWed, 25 Jul 2007 19:13:57 +0000ACME83 at