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About-Face promotes self-esteem in girls and women of all ages, sizes, races and backgrounds through a spirited approach to media education, outreach and activism.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is an organization of 60,000 pediatricians committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents and young adults.

Blue Jean book for teen girls
Blue Jean: What Young Women are Thinking, Saying, and Doing (Blue Jean Press). All book proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations.

Carden Johnson
Carden Johnston, M.D., FAAP, FACEP, FRCP, of Birmingham, Alabama, is the 2004-2005 Immediate Past President of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The AAP is the nation's largest pediatric organization, with a membership of 60,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical subspecialists and pediatric surgical specialists. Dr. Johnston currently practices emergency medicine at the Children's Hospital in Alabama.

Dads and Daughters
Dads and Daughters is the national advocacy nonprofit for fathers and daughters. DADs inspires fathers to actively and deeply engage in the lives of their daughters and galvanizes fathers and others to transform the pervasive cultural messages that devalue girls and women.

Dr. Peter DeBenedittis
Dr. Peter DeBenedittis is dedicated to creating a cultural revolution around media. This website contains research, information and educational materials about how media literacy is used for science-based prevention.

Lt. Col. David Grossman
KILLOLOGY, (n): The scholarly study of the destructive act, just as sexology is the scholarly study of the procreative act. In particular, killology focuses on the reactions of healthy people in killing circumstances (such as police and military in combat) and the factors that enable and restrain killing in these situations. This field of study was pioneered by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, in his Pulitzer-nominated book, On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society.

Reclaim Your Culture
Mission: To facilitate comprehensive media literacy and cultural awareness programming by teaching critical thinking skills that examine individual and societal: ACCESS to INFORMATION, AWARENESS of SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONS, ACTIVISM and ADVOCACY.

Smoke Free Movies
Smoke Free Movies aims to sharply reduce the U.S. film industry's usefulness to Big Tobacco's domestic and global marketing — a leading cause of disability and premature death.

The Center for a New American Dream
The Center for a New American Dream helps Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice.

Indy Media

Dee Dee Halleck
Ms. Halleck is an independent media artist. For the past several years she has been working with Deep Dish Television to collaborate with the Independent Media Centers, Free Speech TV, Pacifica radio producers, and local and global movements for justice and democracy.

This Vermont-based organization fuses interactive media education with hands-on video production for elementary, middle, and high schools and nonprofits. Contact memeFILMS (pronounced "meem") for information about keynotes, workshops, summer camps, PSAs, and documentary video production.

Stay Free Magazine
A Brooklyn-based magazine that explores the politics and perversions of mass media and American culture.

The Future of Music Coalition
The Future of Music Coalition is a not-for-profit collaboration between members of the music, technology, public policy and intellectual property law communities. The FMC seeks to educate the media, policymakers, and the public about music / technology issues, while also bringing together diverse voices in an effort to come up with creative solutions to some of the challenges in this space. The FMC also aims to identify and promote innovative business models that will help musicians and citizens to benefit from new technologies.

Wally Bowen
Wally Bowen is the developer and webmaster for MAIN. MAIN is one of the engines behind the modern expansion of Internet accessibility in western North Carolina.

Media Democracy/Reform

Bill McKibben
In 1989, McKibben published The End of Nature, a gorgeously written and galvanizing book about the true cost of global warming, the destruction of the ozone layer and other man-made ills-the loss of wild nature and with it the priceless aspect of our humanity that evolved to listen to and heed it.

Center for Digital Democracy
The nonprofit Center for Media and Democracy works to strengthen democracy by promoting media that are "of, by and for the people." Our projects include PR Watch, a quarterly investigative journal; several award-winning books by CMD staff; Spin of the Day, which offers daily reporting on spin and propaganda in the news; and SourceWatch, a wiki-based investigative journalism resource to which anyone, including you, can contribute.

CIMA: The Center for International Media
CIMA affirms our goal of listening to, promoting, prioritizing and respecting the voices and concerns of those who have been marginalized from and by the media on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, class status or socio-economic situation.

Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting
Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting is a national membership organization dedicated to putting the PUBLIC back into public broadcasting so that we can all join in the debate about our nation's future.

Commercial Alert
Commercial Alert is a non-profit organization established under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code. Our mission is to keep the commercial culture within its proper sphere, and to prevent it from exploiting children and subverting the higher values of family, community, environmental integrity and democracy.

Gary Ruskin
Gary Ruskin is the Executive Director of Commercial Alert.

Jeff Chester
The Executive Director of Center for Digital Democracy

John Stauber
John Stauber is the founder and executive director of the Center for Media & Democracy and he launched PR Watch quarterly in 1993. He is an investigative writer, public speaker and democracy activist whose leadership in controversial public issues began in high school in the 1960s when he organized to stop the war in Vietnam and for the first Earth Day. Since then he has begun or worked with many citizen advocacy and public interest groups at the local, national and international levels.

For more than 20 years, research has shown that children who spend many hours with television each day are less likely to get good grades. Even though most educators know this, most parents do not. Research has identified why excessive TV watching contributes to learning difficulties.

Mark Crispin Miller
News from the Underground - a website of articles by Mark Crispin Miller.

Media Tank
Media Tank was founded by media and consumer activists who were instrumental in the creation of independent media resources during the Republican National Convention, and in advancing the issue of public access cable in Philadelphia.

Peter Phillips
Project Censored is a national research effort launched in 1976 by Dr. Carl Jensen, professor emeritus of Communications Studies at Sonoma State University. Upon Jensen’s retirement in 1996, leadership of the project was passed to associate professor of sociology and media research specialist, Dr. Peter Phillips.

Project Uncensored
Our mission is to educate people about the role of independent journalism in a democratic society and to tell The News That Didn't Make the News and why.

Robert Hackett, PhD
Prof. Hackett has taught in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University since 1984. From 1993 to 2003, he co-directed NewsWatch Canada, a news media monitoring project based at SFU. Prof. Hackett is on the editorial board of Journalism Studies. He has conducted numerous media interviews and public talks, written policy briefs, and has helped to found several community-based media action and education initiatives, including Vancouver's annual Media Democracy Day.

Robert W. McChesney
Robert W. McChesney is the author of eight books on media and politics, professor of communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and host of the weekly talk show, Media Matters, on WILL-AM radio. McChesney also writes widely for both academic and non-academic publications.

Shelton Rampton
Sheldon Rampton is the research director for the Center for Media & Democracy.

Sut Jhally
Sut Jhally is well known on college campuses, to both students and faculty, through his controversial and award-winning film Dreamworlds: Desire/Sex/Power in Music Video (over which MTV threatened to sue him). As the founder and executive director of The Media Education Foundation he is also the producer of another dozen films (including The Date-Rape Backlash; Advertising and the End of the World; Tough Guise - Violence, the Media and the Crisis in Masculinity (with Jackson Katz); and Killing Us Softly 3 - Advertising's Image of Women (with Jean Kilbourne)) dealing with issues from commercialism and popular culture to violence and gender.

Be the Media
BE THE MEDIA is dedicated to strengthening community through media, using activism, advocacy, education and by supporting the creation and distribution of independent media.

Media Education/Literacy

ACME Vermont is committed to moving a media literacy agenda forward in Vermont, as approached from the following four perspectives. We ask that all of us who are interested in Vermont media literacy commit to supporting one of the following groups: Legislative Action Group, Education Action Group, Community Development Group, Independent Media Action Group.

Albuquerque Academy
We believe that children's lives change when their natural passion for learning is nurtured and transformed into habits of life-long learning and reflection. We believe that the world changes as these children learn to serve country and community with wisdom, conviction, and compassion.

Bob McCannon
Founder and Executive Director of the New Mexico Media Literacy Project for 12 years, Bob developed NMMLP’s widely copied skills program, definitions and curricula. Bob also developed curricula and presentations on many issues, from media’s construction and production to gender, debt, health, addictions, math, science and history. He did workshops and keynotes in most states and many countries, donating hundreds of thousands in honoraria and retiring from NMMLP in 2005, leaving it with eight employees and $700,000 in cash. Seeing the need for a more active, reform-oriented media education organization, free from outside influence, Bob co-founded ACME and is active as Co-President, doing workshops and keynotes. He can be reached at

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood (formerly Stop Commercial Exploitation of Children) is a national coalition of health care professionals, educators, advocacy groups and concerned parents who counter the harmful effects of marketing to children through action, advocacy, education, research, and collaboration. We support the rights of children to grow up – and the rights of parents to raise them – without being undermined by rampant consumerism. CCFC is headquartered at the Judge Baker Children's Center in Boston.

Carl R. Bybee, Associate Professor
"The idea of the' information age' is a terrible joke. The most pressing problems confronting us as individuals and as a society will not be magically solved by a breakthrough in communication technology, medical technology, military technology or any other kind of technology. They will be solved by the clarification of the values we decide, as a community, to hold dear and then implement."

Citizens for Media Literacy
Citizens for Media Literacy is a non-profit, public-interest organization linking media literacy with the concepts and practices of citizenship. CML promotes citizens' responsibility for free speech rights provides assistance to citizen activists and journalists on issues related to the Freedom of Information Act and Open Records laws publishes media analysis and criticism, such as Sinclair Media Watch promotes public access to the media environment, especially via cable TV and the Internet.

Commonsense Media
We believe that parents deserve another choice besides saying "no." Media is fun, and our kids love it. We exist to keep it fun. By creating a grassroots movement of concerned citizens, we aim to make the media producers accountable to families and urge them to invest and promote programming that serves the interests of our kids.

Gailer School
The Gailer School Mission is to inspire students to love learning and become insightful world citizens. This mission is underscored by our core values of mutual respect, intellectual challenge, creative expression, service, diversity and high expectations in a college preparatory environment.

Jane Healy
Ms. Healy is the author of "Failure to Connect," "Endangered Minds," and "Your Child's Growing Mind : A Guide to Learning and Brain Development from Birth to Adolescence."

Healthy Media Choices
"Healthy Media Choices is dedicated to providing tools for intentional use of media. Workshops and presentations are given for: parents, educators, caregivers, health and substance abuse professionals as well as and students."

Jean Kilbourne, EdD
Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D. ( is internationally recognized for her pioneering work on alcohol and tobacco advertising and the image of women in advertising. A widely published writer and speaker, she has twice been named "Lecturer of the Year" by the National Association of Campus Activities.

Jim Metrock
Jim Metrock is the President of Obligation, Inc. Obligation seeks to empower citizens with the resources they need to protect children from the popular culture. If we have allowed our children's world to become toxic - that means we can also disallow it. Obligation is a Birmingham, Alabama-based, nonprofit, child advocacy organization.

Media Giraffe Project
The Media Giraffe Project is a one-year research effort in collaboration with the journalism faculty at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst to find and spotlight individuals making innovative use of media to foster participatory democracy and community.

Naomi Klein
Our economic system makes it almost impossible to consume 'ethically', since everything that is produced within it is produced through the exploitation of human labour and of the environment. Come to the Naomi Klein's site for more information on media, economics and democracy.

New Mexico Media Literacy Project
Since 1993, the New Mexico Media Literacy Project (NMMLP), an outreach project of Albuquerque Academy, has brought the media literacy message to hundreds of thousands of children and adults across New Mexico and the nation.

New Moon
48 advertising-free pages edited by and for girls ages 8-14

Obligation, Inc.
Our children are having their childhood taken away from them by people who put money ahead of the welfare of the young. Children are hurt when adults treat them as simply "miniature adults." The offenders range from local music stores that sell children pornographic CDs to well-dressed Channel One executives from Madison Avenue that have declared commercial war on school children.

Peter Clayton
Peter Clayton is the editor of which serves as a hub - providing links to international news, media studies sites, and other resources for media educators, students, researchers, and the wider community.

Sherry Handel
Sherry Handel, a recognized publishing and marketing expert specializes in working with publishers, editors and authors focusing on the following areas: Magazine Publishing, Online Publishing, Book Publishing, Promotion & Distribution Newsletter (both print and email) and the author of Blue Jean: What Young Women are Thinking, Saying, and Doing (Blue Jean Press).

Susan Rogers
The mission of this site is to increase awareness of the need for media literacy, and to build an online community of teachers and learners to advance media education in the U.S. and internationally.

The Citizens' Campaign for Commercial-Free Schools (CCCS)
The Citizens' Campaign for Commercial-Free Schools (CCCS) is a statewide grassroots, nonprofit organization based in Seattle, Washington. Our mission: Protecting the right of Washington children and youth to a commercial-free education

The Media Education Foundation
The Media Education Foundation produces and distributes video documentaries to encourage critical thinking and debate about the relationship between media ownership, commercial media content, and the democratic demand for free flows of information, diverse representations of ideas and people, and informed citizen participation.

Turn Off Your TV Week
TV-Turnoff Network is a national nonprofit organization that encourages children and adults to watch much less television in order to promote healthier lives and communities.


Know Media
Know Media empowers individuals and communities in Southern Vermont to question media influence on their lives. This community based group provides opportunities to access, analyze and create media.

This Vermont-based organization fuses interactive media education with hands-on video production for elementary, middle, and high schools and nonprofits. Contact memeFILMS (pronounced "meem") for information about keynotes, workshops, summer camps, PSAs, and documentary video production.