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Beating a Woman to Death


This article below, posted by Neil Anderson, is probably public relations from the gaming industry, which is bigger than the movie industry, and even less responsible.

-- To suggest that all the carefully controlled video game studies are obsolete and to minimize the careful work of many independent researchers is an injustice that flies in the face of reality. The violent video game parasites continue to exploit our most vulnerable youth.

Quote of the Day Symbolizes Corporate Media

"I thought the most telling moment of the last seven years occurred last week when the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was, literally, almost weeping that Exxon was being treated unfairly by a jury in Alaska."
-----------James Carville, Meet the Press, 03-02-08
Doe this sound radical? If it does, why? Does it symbolize corporatized America?
Nuff said.

'New news vs Old news' is an old story

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The crux of Tom Regan's thesis (article below) is: "The reality in today's world of online journalism is that both old and new views count, and traditional journalists ignore this at their own peril."

He defines "new" news views as youth interests such as stories about the iPhone and "old" views as NY Times stories about the Iraq war. I see it as more than youth vs aged.

How Biased Should News Be?

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Here's a question. Should the news try to be objective? There is no doubt that Olbermann is a brilliant, articulate, analytic genius whose passion tends to agree with mine, and I love him. But, should we evolve toward a news environment that is totally composed of competing one-sided shows (like Olbermann and O'Reilly)? That seems to be the direction we are heading.

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