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This article below, posted by Neil Anderson, is probably public relations from the gaming industry, which is bigger than the movie industry, and even less responsible.

-- To suggest that all the carefully controlled video game studies are obsolete and to minimize the careful work of many independent researchers is an injustice that flies in the face of reality. The violent video game parasites continue to exploit our most vulnerable youth.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Would you let the kids in your life play?

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Debut of 'Grand Theft Auto IV' drives debate anew
by Eric Benderoff Chicago Tribune (MCT)
28 April 2008

My ACME colleague Bob McCannon has done extensive research on the research about video games - and I'll let him weigh in here about the release of FTA IV in his own unique way. Something he said this morning on our discussion list, though, gave me pause.

It is a simple question, really.

Given GTA IV's content, would you let the kids in your life play?

ACME Summit 2008

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ACME Summit 2008

Teach ordinary citizens how to beat big media and create a more democratic 21st century media culture.

June 5th, 2008
Minneapolis, MN

Summit Registration

Fairness, Media Education and Networked Technology

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Over on my directed study blog this semester, I'm using networked technology (a blog, wiki,, and others tools) to explore and share my research on fair use issues impacting media educators and students in the digital age. I've started with a philosophical inquiry into the meaning of fairness to explore its relationship to today's challenges in sharing access to teaching and learning materials.

Fair Use, Media and Education in the Digital Age

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This site provides information about the 100 businesses spending the most on advertising, the top 200 brands, newspaper and magazine circulation ratings, and more.

The Ad and the Ego

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