Letter From Minny: Blogging the 2008 National Conference on Media Reform

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I am fired up.

I am sitting in the Best Western hotel room here in Minneapolis (I like this town, and affectionately refer to it as "Minny") with my old friend - ACME co-founder and co-president Bob McCannon.

We are preparing for ACME's first-ever TEACH-IN at the National Conference on Media Reform.

ACME has attended all four of Free Press' National Media Reform conferences, beginning with the one in Madison back in 2003, running workshops and an exhibit booth advocating the importance of media education for media reform.

Here's our colleague, Free Press Executive Director Josh Silver, on why media reform matters. Read and listen to Josh's interview here.

And thanks to our new colleague Lisa at "Parents for Ethical Marketing" for blogging about our TEACH IN tomorrow. Her blog is one of my new favorites - a great combination of cheek and wisdom. Read Lisa's blog here.

I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and colleagues, and meeting new folks interested in the fight for a more democratic and humane media culture.

Big "Shout Out," too, to Barack Obama, who gave the speech of his life here in St. Paul last night.

More soon. Gotta pack up, head to the Hyatt, and get set up for tomorrow's TEACH IN.

Free media,