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Numen: The Magical Nature of Plants (FILM REVIEW)

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"NUMEN" FILM SCREENING!: Montpelier's SAVOY at 7:00 on Saturday, October 10 and Sunday, October 11.

I have sat through many “talking head” documentaries in my years as a film reviewer, but never before have I found so much to laugh, cry and think about as when I screened “Numen: The Nature of Plants" for the first time just a few days ago.

FOOD, INC. - What's Cooking In America's Kitchen? (FILM REVIEW)


Where does what we eat come from?

This seems like it ought to be an easy question to answer.

THE WAY WE GET BY: The most moving film of 2009

The Big Picture Theater, Valley Futures Network, the Bluehouse Group, ACME’s Vermont chapter, and Vermont Commons news journal are co-sponsoring a Thursday, July 16 screening of this film at 7:30 p.m. at the Big Picture Theater. Tickets are $7.00 each / $20 for a family of three or more.

FILM REVIEW: State of Play

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Here's the trailer for "State of Play."

(Video disabled by request.)

First, a confession and a digression.

I confess that I hated the ending to this film, an utterly unsatisfying conclusion that gives the phrase “cop out” a new and pathetic yardstick. If I weren’t committed to nonviolent secession, I’d suggest that the scriptwriter be water boarded by the same U.S. government officials who seem to continually advocate the practice for the “evil doers” here in what we call “real life.”

TWEET UP! Twitter Comes to Vermont


Got Twitter? - Round Barn Chef Charlie Menard Hosts the Very First “Tweet Up” in Mad River Valley’s History

Ashton’s doing it.

Oprah’s doing it.

Britney’s doing it.

And more and more Vermonters are doing it.



“We suffer from a fiscal cancer,” explains U.S. Comptroller General David Walker. “It is growing within us. And if we do not treat it, it will have catastrophic consequences for our country.”

So begins I.O.U.S.A. – one of the most disturbing documentaries of the past year.


THE READER (Film Review)


Duplicity: Art Mirrors Life? (FILM REVIEW)


What can a Vermonter possibly do, when confronted with the AIG bonus scandal, global economic meltdown, and the uniquely dirty pleasure that is mud season?

Slumdog Millionaire: From Rags to Raja (FILM REVIEW)


FILM/BOOK Review: The End of America: The Wolf At The Door

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“Billions of dollars are made in shredding the Constitution.
Not a single penny is made in restoring the Constitution.”

Naomi Wolf - January 17, 2009
Big Picture Theater - Mad River Valley, Vermont

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