After 9/11: The Shock Doctrine and the Rise of Disaster Capitalism

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ACME advisory board member and independent Canadian journalist/author Naomi "No Logo" Klein, whom I first heard speak on "No Logo" at the NMMLP-sponsored Taos Talking Picture Festival almost a decade ago, is back with a brand-new book called "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism."

I've read all four excerpts online - the book will no doubt pack a tremendous wallop - seeking to expose the new post-9/11 "military/industrial/terror" complex that is re-making corporate globalization using radical free market "shock doctrine" techniques.

Stunning reporting - you can read The Shock Doctrine, all four excerpts here.

Klein is like imperial apologist blowhard Ann Coulter's alter-ego - brainy, beautiful, and razor-sharp, she brings incisive analysis, keen wit and a journalist's eye for personal stories to the table. Don't miss this new book - on sale next week.