REEL BAD ARABS P.R. - Stunning new film from the Media Education Foundation

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We're ramping up the REEL ACTION film series here at Champlain College.

Our second film of the fall series - REEL BAD ARABS, based on Jack Shaheen's work - is a tour de force.

Here's our e-press release - you can show this film, or others like it, in your school or community!

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ACME/Champlain is pleased to announce the second in a series of fall 2007 REEL ACTION film screenings.

FILM REVIEW: The Bourne Ultimatum

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The Bourne Ultimatum: This Summer’s Best Action Flick

Missed surfing the summer movie blockbuster wave these past three months? You are in luck – the best action film of the season just hit the multiplex. Based on the trials of CIA rogue threat Jason Bourne, spy novelist Robert Ludlum’s most memorable character, The Bourne Ultimatum packs enough excitement to make up for a relatively disappointing summer of trilogy enders: Spidey, Shrek, and Pirates of the Caribbean among them.

Here are ten reasons to check out Bourne:

Reel Bad Arabs - How Hollywood Vilifies a People

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From Media Education Foundation on YouTube.

Why Media Literacy?

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Hear what Sut Jhally thinks!
The Media Education Foundation's
Sut Jhally
ACME's First "Media Education/Activist" Award
Presented at the 2004 ACME National Summit


Green Mountain Coffee - Meet Austin Powers . . .

Bwa ha ha ha ha . . . can Vermont entrepreneurs use satisfied customers to create online marketing materials for them? I bet you one BILLION dollars . . .

Media Nation

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Two college students in a media studies class throw it down in an independent project...

Project Harmony - MEDIA on Stereotypes

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Four teenage digital storytellers - two Jordanians, and two Vermonters - tackle cross-cultural stereotypes in this Media Education and Democracy In Action (MEDIA) project, co-sponsored by Project Harmony, ACME, and UPA.

Big Media - Shine A Light

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"Six giant multinational corporations," explained CNN founder Ted Turner to Congress recently, "now own 80-90% of all of our media content."

Ad-Surd World

3,000 advertisements a day? No way! A MemeFILMS production.

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