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FILM REVIEW: State of Play

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Here's the trailer for "State of Play."

(Video disabled by request.)

First, a confession and a digression.

I confess that I hated the ending to this film, an utterly unsatisfying conclusion that gives the phrase “cop out” a new and pathetic yardstick. If I weren’t committed to nonviolent secession, I’d suggest that the scriptwriter be water boarded by the same U.S. government officials who seem to continually advocate the practice for the “evil doers” here in what we call “real life.”

TWEET UP! Twitter Comes to Vermont


Got Twitter? - Round Barn Chef Charlie Menard Hosts the Very First “Tweet Up” in Mad River Valley’s History

Ashton’s doing it.

Oprah’s doing it.

Britney’s doing it.

And more and more Vermonters are doing it.


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Booking the Empire: “Why We Fight” Filmmaker Makes His Case In Print

What happens when an award-winning documentary film producer turns to a print monograph to make his case?

If you are Eugene Jarecki, the answer (to borrow a baseball metaphor) is: you hit a solid triple, with an eye towards home plate.

Denver Convention 2008: Show Time and Media Hype (Boorstin's IMAGE lives...)

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Rob's note: I've been sifting through a tremendous number of convention articles - this one seemed useful. Folks familiar with Daniel Boorstin's classic THE IMAGE would do well to re-read it right about now.

Convention stage is a show in itself
By David Bauder, Associated Press Wed Aug 27, (Via Yahoo News)

The stage of the Democratic National Convention is a mix of modern stagecraft and political consciousness.

Three plasma screens tower 103 feet above the stage. A video projection wall backs speakers with a sea of blue. The podium retracts when it's not being used.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Would you let the kids in your life play?

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Debut of 'Grand Theft Auto IV' drives debate anew
by Eric Benderoff Chicago Tribune (MCT)
28 April 2008

My ACME colleague Bob McCannon has done extensive research on the research about video games - and I'll let him weigh in here about the release of FTA IV in his own unique way. Something he said this morning on our discussion list, though, gave me pause.

It is a simple question, really.

Given GTA IV's content, would you let the kids in your life play?

“It’s Our Web”

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New Fun Online Game: Whack-a-Murdoch!

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Hi media education colleagues -

I am posting this fun and educational game on behalf of ACME partner Free Press.

"Whack a Murdoch!"

Check out “Whack-a-Murdoch" information below.

Free Press released this game just as News Corp has unveiled its Fox Business Network. As Murdoch’s latest venture is making headlines, Free Press hopes to frame the issue around consolidation and attract a new population of potential activists.

New Educational Resource on Web 2.0 Terms


Champlain College professors, Elaine Young and Rob Williams put together a great list - now available on the ACME website - of Web 2.0 Foundational Terms currently used in our rapidly evolving Internet culture. It's a great list for those Media Educators and others who are interested in learning more about today's web lingo!

Web 2.0 Foundational Terms

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The following list of Web 2.0 terms was compiled by Champlain College professors, Elaine Young and Rob Williams.

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