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FILM INTERVIEW: The End of America?!


The End of America? An Interview with Film Producer Avram Ludwig

MUSIC REVIEW: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Establishing Higher Ground

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Writer's note: Grace Potter grew up in the Mad River Valley, where I currently reside. Good to see our young folks making it in media and the arts.

First, the bad news.

I missed the New Year’s Eve Higher Ground show, in which the Nocturnals vamped as the Royal Tenenbaums.

BOOK REVIEW: Secession

Secession Coversmall.jpg

It is always appropriate, in my mind at least, to write one’s last media column of the year about the most interesting media text one has discovered over the past year.

For me, that media text would have to be Secession.

FILM REVIEW: Branded New World - “Consuming Kids” Goes Inside The Twisted World of 21st Century Children’s Marketing

Consuming Kids image.jpg

In honor of Waitsfield Elementary School’s Scholastic-Free book fair going on over this next week, in which parents and teachers bypass the corporate commercial marketers to deliver books of their own selection to our school for affordable purchase by students and families, let’s cut to the chase.

The 21st century United States is now home to 52 million kids under the age of twelve.

FILM REVIEW: Quantum of Solace - The Best and Worst of Bond


There are moments in a moviegoer’s experience when one feels a simultaneous sense of deep satisfaction and bewildered puzzlement.

For me, this was the case with the new James Bond film “Quantum of Solace,” which made $70 billion opening week-end, shattering all Bond film openings to date and officially ushering in the holiday movie season.

Did I like this film? Well, no…and yes. “Quantum of Solace” offered the best and the worst of Bond, all in one two hour package.

Here are the film’s five worst (Boo!) and five best (Yay!) aspects.

FILM REVIEW: Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa


If you haven’t immersed yourself in the “Madagascar” experience, you may be missing one of the most entertaining animated treats of the past decade.

And the good news here is that the new sequel is on par with the 2005 original.

KEYNOTE: Josh Golin on "Corporate Marketing to Kids" at ACMEVermont Summit


Retired ACME board member and father-to-be Josh Golin of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood throws down a fine keynote at the sold-out ACMEVermont conference this fall.

Don't miss it.

Watch Josh's keynote here.

MUSIC REVIEW: Frigg-ing Awesome - Scandinavian "Power String" Music


What do you name a seven-piece power string band with enough acoustic groove to set the fjords on fire?

How ‘bout, well…


Stay with me here.

Yes, this band’s name is Frigg.

I know.

A bit strange, perhaps, until you consider their home turf: Scandinavia.

Frigg, as any self-respecting Scandinavian will gently remind you, is the Norse goddess of love and fertility.

MUSIC REVIEW: Songwriter Lucy Kaplansky Comes To Vermont..

Kaplansky Photo.png

“A truly gifted performer, full of enchanting songs,” gushes The New Yorker.

“The troubadour of modern city folk,” exclaims The Boston Globe.

“As warm and tasty as cinnamon tea, as hopeful as daybreak,” proclaims Rolling Stone.


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Booking the Empire: “Why We Fight” Filmmaker Makes His Case In Print

What happens when an award-winning documentary film producer turns to a print monograph to make his case?

If you are Eugene Jarecki, the answer (to borrow a baseball metaphor) is: you hit a solid triple, with an eye towards home plate.

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