“It’s Our Web”

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From Free Speech TV:

"This is a truly pivotal time for the Internet, the most powerful and interactive medium humans have ever seen. New commercial incursions by big online media enterprises including the widely distained 'Facebook Beacon', make explicit what new media giants have been doing quietly for some time; searching for new and evermore effective ways to sell our attention, our clicks and our private information to advertisers and marketers."

Severel months ago a man sent me a email claiming to be a claims agent for a BMW rewards company telling me I had one a New BMW and or 750.000.00 brittish pounds and that He needed certain imformation about me.Well I did some investigating on line and discovered that it was false.So I called the police and spoke with a officer who specializes in online crimes and learned that what the person who sent me the email was doing was perfectly legal in my home state of  Washington.These were the officers exact words in reply to my statement I made with him over the phone."Spam!" That was spam you recieved and in Washington it's legal becouse they still have not passed a law illegalizing it."After talking with him some more we came to the conclusion that the spamer learned my email through online surveys that I had completed with the hope of earning rewards and that the online surveys are also spam and there intent is to get you to purchase products and pay for services for both big and small companies that the surveyers are really marketing agents trying to get your money and not reward you at all or with very little and that the only way to get the rewards is by participating in certain sponser offers wich allways end up in having to use a credit card to pay for certain fees such as procesing and shiping fees.Conclusion The commercial incursions are marketing scams "Spam" the online media enterprises are the surveyers and certain sites that profes free services and yes as the officer said they do it to get your personel information for marketing purposes you being the one they hope to make into the consumer of their products.The big online media enterprises are really marketing and sales agencies that are employed by even bigger groups, such as the World Trade Orginization and the men and women that make up its body or membership and also somtime smaller businesses that are trying to grow and are desperate for more sales in order to survive and be made a success.