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“It’s Our Web”

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Jean Kilbourne on Parents and the media

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Jean Kilbourne discusses being a parent in a media saturated culture with ACME Vermont's James Valastro at the Action Coalition for Media Education Conference in Burlington, VT in May 2005. YouTube video from rebeccapad.

Reel Bad Arabs - How Hollywood Vilifies a People

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From Media Education Foundation on YouTube.

Why Media Literacy?

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Hear what Sut Jhally thinks!
The Media Education Foundation's
Sut Jhally
ACME's First "Media Education/Activist" Award
Presented at the 2004 ACME National Summit


Green Mountain Coffee - Meet Austin Powers . . .

Bwa ha ha ha ha . . . can Vermont entrepreneurs use satisfied customers to create online marketing materials for them? I bet you one BILLION dollars . . .

Media Nation

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Two college students in a media studies class throw it down in an independent project...

Project Harmony - MEDIA on Stereotypes

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Four teenage digital storytellers - two Jordanians, and two Vermonters - tackle cross-cultural stereotypes in this Media Education and Democracy In Action (MEDIA) project, co-sponsored by Project Harmony, ACME, and UPA.

Big Media - Shine A Light

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"Six giant multinational corporations," explained CNN founder Ted Turner to Congress recently, "now own 80-90% of all of our media content."

Ad-Surd World

3,000 advertisements a day? No way! A MemeFILMS production.

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