Fair Use, Media and Education in the Digital Age

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In a previous post (on my personal blog), I mentioned a course that I was designing for the fall. At that point, the emphasis for the Directed Study included an examination of how the mission of University relates to Fair Use of digital media in education. Since then, my adviser, Eric Gordon and I decided to shift focus a bit to consider the question “What does it mean to be fair?” in this context.

I’ve updated the course wiki. The wiki is still closed, but I moved the Proposal to the front page so it is accessible to the public. The course will include a podcast series and blog that will archive research for the project. I’m looking forward to this course and to launching my thesis in the fall. It’s going to be a busy semester!

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This is important work, Colin.

"Fair" is a word that we bandy about, but yes, what does it mean to be so?

I look forward to learning more.