How Copyright Confusion Impacts Media Literacy

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Following on the release of their 2005 "Documentary Filmmakers' Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use," the Center for Social Media and the Washington College of Law at American University teamed up with Temple University's Media Education Lab to present a new report this fall on "Colin Rhinesmith's blog  •    •  Read more

Fairness, Media Education and Networked Technology

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Over on my directed study blog this semester, I'm using networked technology (a blog, wiki,, and others tools) to explore and share my research on fair use issues impacting media educators and students in the digital age. I've started with a philosophical inquiry into the meaning of fairness to explore its relationship to today's challenges in sharing access to teaching and learning materials.

New Report on Copyright Challenges for Media Literacy Educators

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From the Center for Social Media:

"Confused about copyright? You're not alone.

Media literacy educators rely on the ability to use copyrighted materials in their teaching. But ignorance about copyright -- and particularly a lack of awareness of the fair use provision - is interfering with teachers' ability to teach important critical thinking and communication skills that enable them to promote digital learning.

Fair Use, Media and Education in the Digital Age

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