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THE WAR ON BUGS (Book Review)

Eating Oil: “The War On Bugs” Sounds A “Pharm Alarm” About the Toxic History of American Agriculture

By Rob Williams

Read more about this book at Chelsea Green Publishing.

"Learn about Big Media and Media Consolidation"

From kiten2cat12345 on YouTube:

"This is a simple, easy to understand, overview of the situation of media in America and where to go to find information and alternative sources.
I don't specifically mention the big media corporations, but if you are interested they are General Electric, Walt Disney Company, Viacom/CBS, Time Warner, and News Corporation.

Important Places You Should Go:

HOMELAND: An Election Without Meaning?

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From ACME advisory board member Peter Phillips.

An Election Without Meaning

By Peter Phillips

ACME Summit 2008

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ACME Summit 2008

Teach ordinary citizens how to beat big media and create a more democratic 21st century media culture.

June 5th, 2008
Minneapolis, MN

Summit Registration

MEDIA FOLK-US: Music Review - Kelly Joe Phelps' "Tunesmith Retrofit"

Anti-Pop Strip Down: Kelly Joe Phelps’ Tune-smith Retrofit
Hear more at Kelly Joe Phelps.

I was halfway through my third listen of Kelly Joe Phelps’ newest musical project when it hit me.

The guy doesn’t have a single repeated chorus or “hooky” moment on the entire CD.

Get ORWELL on the PHONE: FCC's Kevin Martin Threatening Media Ownership Overhaul by Year's End

Remember summer 2003, friends?

When the FCC issued its June 2, 2003 decision that would have made it possible for one media corporation to own as many as 8 radio stations, 3 TV stations, the cable franchise, and the daily newspaper all in one "market"?

Guess what? They're back. Or rather, the idea is back.

See this - USA TODAY article.

FCC urged to go slow on media ownership overhaul

By Paul Davidson, USA TODAY

'New news vs Old news' is an old story

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The crux of Tom Regan's thesis (article below) is: "The reality in today's world of online journalism is that both old and new views count, and traditional journalists ignore this at their own peril."

He defines "new" news views as youth interests such as stories about the iPhone and "old" views as NY Times stories about the Iraq war. I see it as more than youth vs aged.

Censored in America: The TOP 10 Censored Stories of the Past Year

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The Top 10 Big Stories American Mainstream Media Missed in the Past Year

Here are the top-10 most underreported or ignored stories of the past year, from ACME partner Project Censored.

Visit Project Censored for the complete list of 25.

And see ACME's home page for our Project Censored classroom guide - ways to use this annual book in your civics, journalism, social studies, communications, history, or language arts classroom.

1. Good-bye, habeas corpus

After 9/11: The Shock Doctrine and the Rise of Disaster Capitalism

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ACME advisory board member and independent Canadian journalist/author Naomi "No Logo" Klein, whom I first heard speak on "No Logo" at the NMMLP-sponsored Taos Talking Picture Festival almost a decade ago, is back with a brand-new book called "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism."

I've read all four excerpts online - the book will no doubt pack a tremendous wallop - seeking to expose the new post-9/11 "military/industrial/terror" complex that is re-making corporate globalization using radical free market "shock doctrine" techniques.

REEL BAD ARABS P.R. - Stunning new film from the Media Education Foundation

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We're ramping up the REEL ACTION film series here at Champlain College.

Our second film of the fall series - REEL BAD ARABS, based on Jack Shaheen's work - is a tour de force.

Here's our e-press release - you can show this film, or others like it, in your school or community!

Happy week-end,


ACME/Champlain is pleased to announce the second in a series of fall 2007 REEL ACTION film screenings.

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